FSO Warszawa

fso warszawa 203

The FSO Warszawa was a Polish car manufactured by the Fabryka Samochodów Osobowych of Warsaw. The Warszawa was based on the Soviet Pobeda, and more than 250,000 Warszawa’s built in total between 1951 and 1973.

fso car

The Warszawa was the first new-design Polish car built after the Second World War. Warszawas were seen as sturdy and rugged, but, probably due to their heavy weight were underpowered and very thirsty!

fso warszawa

The Warszawa was also available as a pick-up and the basis for two immensely popular rigid panel vans, the Żuk (made from 1958 to 1997) and the Nysa (made from 1958 to 1994).

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Paradies / Paradyz

Three old pre-war photographs of Paradies in what was the German province of Posen / East Brandenburg. Since, 1945, it has been called Paradyz and is part of the province of Lubuskie, Poland.

Paradies Paradyz Lubuskie

Paradies Cistercian Monastery (Klasztor Paradyż) dates back as far as 1230.

Paradies seminar Paradyz

Paradies / Paradyz is located in the village of Goscikowo, 10 kms north of Swiebodzin (Schwiebus) and 12 kms south of Miedzyrzecz (Meseritz) in Lubuskie, Poland.

Paradies Paradyz

Paradyż is now the seat of the Seminary of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Zielona Gora and Gorzów. The seminar is also part of the Faculty of Theology of the University of Szczecin.

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Kubus Carrot Juice

Kubus is a popular Polish brand of thick natural juice (perhaps, more of a smoothie?) drink made of carrots and fruit. It is rich in vitamin C and comparatively speaking, probably, a most healthy drink. Children (and adults) in Poland love the stuff!

Kubus carrot juice

If you haven’t tried any before we’d recommend you get some soon. It’s also available at most Polish stores pretty much anywhere in Europe. We even discovered Kubus for sale at a Tesco supermarket the last time we were in England.

1960s Wroclaw

Here are this week’s scans from our picture archive. Four photographs of identified locations in the city of Wroclaw taken between 1965 and 1969. Click on any image to enlarge and see more detail.

Wroclaw 1965

Wroclaw 1966

Wroclaw 1967

Wroclaw 1969

If you can tell us anything about the locations pictured in the above photographs please get in touch! They are unlabelled and we have only ever been to Wroclaw once and that many years ago.

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Poland to Buy New Missiles

News: U.S State department has just approved Poland’s order of forty medium-range missiles for use from its forty-eight F16 jets. The American Lockheed Martin AGM-158 ‘Joint Air-to-Surface Standoff’ missiles have a maximum range of 400 kilometers (250 miles) and it is said that they will act as a “deterrent to regional threats”.

Jet plane with missiles

The cost of the deal forms the bulk of a € 390 million package that also includes upgrades to Poland’s fleet of F-16 jets.

Poland on a Phonecard

Just arrived in the mail from Hungary – a phonecard featuring some of the people and symbols Poland is known for around the world. Pope John Paul; Marie Curie; speedway; vodka; beavers; mountains and mountaineering; Auschwitz; and beautiful cities like Poznan and Warsaw.

phonecard poland

A super phonecard featuring many of the things Poland is known for – Beavers, the Pope, Marie Curie, Vodka, Architecture, mountains, speedway, Nazi concentration camps, and more!

Click on the image to enlarge the picture and see more detail. This is a lovely card!

Jozef Mehoffer

Three super examples of work by the Polish artist, Jozef Mehoffer.

Jozef Mehoffer polish artist

Józef Mehoffer (1869-1946) was a Polish painter and considered to be one of the leading artists of the Young Poland movement. He is also known for his stained glass, textiles, interior decoration and furniture.

Polish stained glass

Jozef Mehoffer poland

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