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Polish Poland : agro-tourism - stay on organic farms in Poland

European vacations with a difference!

Visit Poland and stay on small organic Polish eco-farms. You'll have a great time and help in promoting eco-friendly agriculture through your support of ecological tourism.

Holidays on a rural tourism farm are becoming increasingly popular. Visitors can rent rooms in the family house, in a seperate house on the farm or a camping space and enjoy a real break from the 21st century. to a small number of tourists have always been very popular. As well as providing an interesting form of accommodation, many of these eco-farms also provide wholesome home cooking prepared with healthy, farm-fresh ingredients.

Those who appreciate peaceful surroundings and close contact with nature choose this kind of holiday, not to be found at crowded and noisy resorts and holiday centres.

Holidays spent at a farm often allow guests the chance to take part in farm chores, ride horses, catch fish in the farm pond or nearby lake or river, try there hand at archery, or go on a cycling tour or hike in the countryside.

Visitors to a Polish farm can either stay in a room in the family house or rent a wooden chalet type house on the farm, either by the day or week. Some farms provide space for camping or even hire tents and camping equipment out to visitors.

There are many rural tourism farms in Poland and the majority of them are located in the most attractive regions of the country such as the Mazury, Pomeranian, Wielkopolska or Lubuskie Lakeland.

A stay on a Polish farm means: real countryside, real food, real rest, real people, and real Poland!

Click here for details of one such organic Polish farm in the west of Poland.