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Archaeology is the scientific study of human history and prehistory through the excavation of sites, and the recovery, documentation and analysis of physical remains. Archaeology, a subdiscipline of anthropology, is used to formulate explanations for the development of past cultures. Here are links to some of most useful websites about archaeology. My favourite archaeology sites are in bold! Back to archaeology in Poland.

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 Photographs of one of the archaeological excavations I worked on in England. This one is a Roman site in Hampshire.


Anthropology Resources on the Internet


Archaeology at Exeter University

 Archaeology at the University of Reading

Archaeology and Prehistory at the University of Sheffield

Archaeology for Children

Archaeological Resource Guide for Europe

Careers in Archaeology

Discovering Archaeology

Flintnappers Anonymous

Institute of Field Archaeologists

Jobs for Archaeological Fieldworkers

Journal of Field Archaeology

Journal of World Prehistory

Poznan Archaeological Museum


Virtual Archaeology

Virtual Stonehenge

Virtual Tour of the Chavet-Pont-D'Arc Cave


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Marian and Julian at Silbury hill

Silbury Hill, on a visit to archaeological sites in the south of England in July 2005


Contact me if you would like to know more about archaeology or interesting archaeological sites in Poland or elsewhere in central and eastern Europe. I have lived in Poland for several years and because of this might be able to help answer any question you may have about Polish archaeology and historical sites.



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