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Boletus Mushrooms

Wild Boletus Mushrooms

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Boletus Edulis mushrooms are an edible fungi, prized around the world for their great taste. In Poland the Boletus mushrooms are known as Borowik or Borowiki mushrooms or simply as the King of Mushrooms. In Britain the same mushrooms are known as Penny Bun. Porcino is the Italian word for the mushroom, and the French call the same mushroom the cep (cÚpe). Whatever name you prefer Boletus edulis are generally agreed by chefs and connoisseurs to be the finest eating of all wild mushrooms.

A related variety, Boletus aureus, is called the 'porcino nero', or black porcino, in Italy. Like the Boletus edulis mushroom these make great eating and are highly valued by chefs and gourmets. Use fresh or dried Boletus mushrooms in pasta dishes, risottos or to give a deep, woodsy flavour to stews and casseroles.

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