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European Catfish ( Wels )

Silurus glanis - (Polish - Sum Pospolity)

Catfish Fishing in Poland

The European Catfish is the worlds largest catfish. They are is indigenous to continental Europe east of the river Rhine, and are found as far north as Norway. They are voracious carnivores, mainly nocturnal, and given to hiding in dark places under banks and overhanging roots. These monster fish are believed to be able to live for over 100 years, and can grow to enormous sizes. During 2004 several catfish weighing in excess of 60 kilos have been caught in Polish waters. 

The Wels catfish is easily distinguished from other catfish by its broad head, truncate caudal fin, mottled coloration and immense size. See a picture of a truely monsterous catfish here.

Catfish feed on live fish, frogs or virtually anything they can swallow that crosses their path! With some patience they can be taught to eat strips of raw meat from your hand. Catfish taste great and have a taste similar to eel. Here are some of our favourite catfish recipes

We are happy to offer free advice on the best locations in the west of Poland for MONSTER European Catfish, e.g. the river Obra Legend!


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