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How to use Dried Wild Mushrooms

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Using Dried Wild Mushrooms

The best mushrooms for cooking from dried are in our opinion Pocini / Borowik (Boletus Edulis). Dried wild mushrooms are very concentrated in flavour and can be used in virtually any dish that calls for mushrooms. Bigos for example.
1.  Reconstitute dried mushrooms for most recipes by placing the mushrooms in a cup or bowl.
2.  Fill the container about halfway.
3.  Cover the mushrooms with boiling water.
4.  Cover the container with plastic wrap to prevent steam from escaping.
5.  Steep for 5 to 10 minutes or until the mushrooms are tender.
6.  Strain the water, but don't throw it away; it's full of flavour and can be used in your recipe.
7.  Chop the mushrooms into small pieces and use them in the recipe as directed.
8.  For a drier dish, such as stuffing or a casserole, simmer the steeping water for a few minutes to concentrate the flavours and reduce the volume a little, then add it to your dish. Add the water directly to any liquid dish, such as soup or sauce. Strain the liquid or pour it off carefully if the mushrooms contained grit.

Fresh mushrooms dry at a rate of about 10 - 1. In other words it takes about 10 pounds of fresh mushrooms to make 1 pound of dried mushrooms. Therefore roughly speaking an ounce of dry mushrooms is equal to slightly over a half of pound of fresh.


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