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Our Genealogical Research Team

We provide a number of services for those interested in or researching their family roots in either Germany or Poland. Our two main genealogy related activities are providing a photographic record of ancestral villages and towns and organising private guided tours of Poland.

The work involved in dealing with internet questions and correspondence; looking for records here in Poland; and visiting ancestral villages to make photographic or video records is done by a small, dedicated team of history enthusiasts based in the west of Poland. If you contact us by email or come on a tour you will meet or communicate with one of the three people below:


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Magda Magda is from Poland and is a graduate in both Chemistry and English. And after having spent a total of nine years studying at university level has developed something of an interest in research! She currently works for an international pharmauceutical company and in her spare time, amongst other things, runs our translation and genealogy service.  Most emails are answered by Magda so you are welcome to write in either the English or Polish languages. She is especially interested in the former German provinces of Brandenburg, Neumark and Posen.
Simon Simon has university degrees in English, History and Archaeology, and is an associate member  of the Royal Photographic Society. He has taught English as a foreign language at university level in England, Germany and Poland for the last ten years. He is currently researching a Ph.D on the effects of the Polish / German border changes between 1918 and 1950 on both the German and Polish population. Simon has lived in Poland for the last five years and is particularly knowledgable about the 20th century history of the former provinces of Brandenburg and Pommern.
Donata Donata is Polish and from what was the former German province of Silesia and currently lives in Lubuskie. She is a graduate with a masters degree in Polish language and a qualified tour guide. She is also something of an expert on Polish history. Having spent some of her adult life living in England her English language skills are fairly advanced. Her 'main' job is as Director of a language school where English, German, and Polish as a foreign language are taught. Her role in our genealogy related activities is one of tour guide; archives researcher; and interpreter. 

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