Gdingen Gdynia Gotenhafen Gdynia

Three pre-1918 photographs of Gdynia, then called Gdingen, in Pomerania / West Prussia.

Gdingen Gdynia Gotenhafen

An old picture postcard of Gdingen (Gdynia), Pomerania. This postcard posted to Stettin in 1906.

Like many locations in present-day Poland, Gdingen / Gdynia, has a varied history in terms of names.

Up to the end of the First World War - Gdingen

The interwar period – 1919 to 1939 – Gdynia

1939 to 1945 – Gotenhafen

1945 to present day – Gdynia.

Gdingen Gdynia

A picture postcard of a restaurant and guest house in Gdingen (Gdynia) in 1917.

See a selection of pictures of Old Gdynia (1919 – 1939).

Gdynia Gdingen

Boats and the beach in Gdingen, West Prussia, c.1910.

See also pictures of inter-war Gdynia (1919 – 1939) and three photographs of Gdynia during its Gotenhafen stage (1939 – 1945).

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