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Genealogy Research for Poland

We provide a number of services for those interested in or researching their family roots in either Germany or Poland. Our two main genealogy related activities are providing a photographic record of ancestral villages and towns and organising private guided tours of Poland.

Please email us for a price list or detailed quotation for research into your family roots here in Poland, photographic, translation, escorted private tours and/or guide services. Our charges are very reasonable. 

We never share information with other companies or individuals.

Useful Links:

Photographs of Poland

Old Postcards of Prussian Poland

Polish Surnames

     Maps of Prussia and Poland

German Names for Polish Towns

Interesting Historical Articles:

A 1911 article about Poland

" " " " " " " " " " " " " Prussia

Recommended Genealogy Reading:


More Books about Germany and Poland (Perfect for anyone interested in either German or Polish history)

Records in Poland

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