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History and Archaeology Tours of Poland

Penance Murder Cross

A Penance (Murder) cross in Pomerania (Pommern), Poland. More about Murder crosses.

We provide guided tours for individuals and small groups who have an interest in the Archaeology and History of Poland. Our private tours are led by English-speaking university graduates and can take in whatever visitors may wish to see in Poland. Tours can focus on archaeological sites, historical or combine both history and archaeology. Tour itineraries can include everything from prehistoric and medieval sites to Second World War history. Poland has much to offer archaeologists and historians alike.

Our prices are very reasonable and depend on the vehicle used; the number of kilometres covered; and time spent on each tour. A typical full day tour costs approximately $ 250 per group. This price includes: an educated English speaking driver guide; exclusive use of one of our cars; and all fuel costs. We can provide both Polish and German speaking interpreters and translators; and can arrange rooms for you in suitable guest houses or hotels. If you are interested in either history or archaeology and would like to see the parts of Poland not often reached or seen by visitors to Poland we might be just what you are looking for.

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Some of the many archaeology and history related sites in Poland which visitors often want to visit include:

Prehistoric stone circles and burial mounds; Biskupin Bronze age and early Iron age fortified settlement; Skansens and open air museums; Ethnographic parks like Olsztynek; Folk museums; Penance Murder Crosses; medieval walled towns; timber churches; Baroque and Renaissance castles and palaces; Rokitno; Lad Cistercian monastery and abbey; Silesian castles; Teutonic Knights and Knights Templar sites such as Malbork; Gothic cathedrals; Orthodox churches; Bohoniki Moslim cemetery; Tartar mosques; Lancut Palace; Czermna skull chapel; Holy mountain; Wambierzyce Basilica; The Wang 12th century Church; Bzura battle museum; Detention, Concentration, and Work Camps; Auschwitz; Birkenau; Hitler's Wolf Lair, Second World War Underground Bunkers; Jewish, Prussian and German cemeteries and monuments; Wieliczka salt mine; the Augustow canal; Poland's steam locomotives and railway museums


Unique field trips for people interested in archaeology and history.


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Historical and Archaeological Tours of Poland

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