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Lister D Stationary Engine

Working Lister D Stationary Engine in Poland!

We own what is probably the only working water-cooled Lister D stationary Engine in Poland! Our little engine might look a little scruffy but is in perfect working order, and over several year's day-to-day work has proved to be a highly reliable and portable source of power. The engine is used on an almost everyday basis doing the sort of tasks it was originally designed to do when it was built back in the 1940s for use on farms in England. The only real difference is that our Lister D is doing the same work almost seventy years later on our small farm in the far west of Poland.

We hope to develop this page into a free resource for Lister / Petter and Villiers engine enthusiasts who want to know more about Lister stationery engines and learn more about how we use our engine on the farm. In the meanwhile here are some useful and interesting Lister engine links and manuals, which you may wish to download. We've also scanned copies of manuals for other stationary engines. The manuals are in pdf format and completely free to download.

Lister CS Manual See also: Lister CS Engine page.

Lister D / DK Instruction Manual and Parts List

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