Nowa Ruda / Neurode

nowa ruda neurode schlesien

The market square (rynek) in Nowa Ruda (Neurode) in Lower Silesia (Nieder Schlesien), c.1909.

Nowa Ruda (former name: Neurode) is a town near the Czech border, located beside the Włodzica river in the central Sudetes mountain range of southwest Poland.

nowaruda neurode eulengebirge

Nowa Ruda (German: Neurode) in the Owl Mountains (Eulengebirge), c.1930.

Three things you may not know about Nowa Ruda:

- The German composer Franz Eckert was born in the town in 1852.
- The population of Nowa Ruda at the last count numbered 25,000.
- The Polish writer Olga Tokarczuk lives in a village just outside Nowa Ruda.

nowa ruda neurode

Another old photograph of part of the main square in Nowa Ruda (Neurode), c.1939.

Nowa Ruda is located approximately 21 km north west of Klodzko, 35 km southeast of Wałbrzych, and 85 km southwest of Wroclaw.

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