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Trace Your Polish and German Ancestors

Find out more about your family's roots in Poland

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If you are interested in finding out more about your Polish / German / Prussian / Jewish roots in Poland, we can help. From our base in the west of Poland, an area prior to 1945 part of Germany, we carry out research into family history, the history of villages and towns all over Poland, and act as guides to visitors to Poland from outside of the country. Our small team is fluent in English, German and Polish! 

The provinces we are most familiar with are Brandenburg and Neumark (Lubuskie), Posen / Greater Poland (Wielkopolska), Western Pomerania (Zachodniopomorskie) and the northern part of Silesia (Dolnoslaskie). Major cities in this area include: Gorzow (Landsberg), Poznan (Posen), Szczecin (Stettin), Schneidemuhl (Pila), Glogau (Glogow), and Zielona Gora (Grunberg). However, if your interest is in a different part of Poland we can probably help. For example, the cities and villages around Wroclaw (Breslau) and Bromberg (Bydgoszcz) although a little more distant from here, are places we often travel to either photograph or trace ancestry for people looking for their roots. If you would like to see if you have Polish or German roots, we can do an initial family search to see where your ancestors come from.

Some of the services we offer related to genealogy and genealogical research:

Research: discover more about your roots and find living relatives in Poland
We offer a number of research services. These can range from a fairly straightforward search of Polish records like phone directories and electoral registers to determine whether you still have distant relatives living in the place your family once lived to a visit to your ancestor's towns and villages by one of our researchers to examine church records and archives, interview surviving family members, take photographs or make a video film.

Travel: Private Guided Tours
If you're planning a visit to Poland we can help with the planning, help to arrange suitable accommodation, act as translator and interpreter while you are in Poland, drive you to any location in Poland, and show you around the region you are interested in. More about our
private guided tours of Poland.

Translation: Polish, English, German
We are available to translate documents and letters to and from your family or officials in Poland, either in Polish, English or German. More about our translation service.

Photography: Still or Video
If you want to see what your ancestral village or town looked like, but can't go to Europe, we can help. We can provide you with a set of pictures of the houses, street, village, town or city, where your ancestors once lived. Being on the ground, we can travel to any location and photograph ancestral houses, gravestones, cemeteries, churches, farms, palaces, historic monuments, streets or anything else, and take photographs for you. After visiting a particular location for you we will then email or post you the results of our trip. These could include digital photographs on cd, printed photographs, audio recordings, and video films. Because we use professional digital cameras and handycams for this work, the finished photographs and film are of a high quality.  Prices start at just $ 60 for a simple photographic record of a village, town or city in the west of Poland on CD. Samples of our photographic work can be seen on the site Photographs of Poland. Whilst in the village or town we can also check local records, and even interview locals to find out about the location of old houses, farms, etc., or find out about who lived in a particular house before them. We can also check on whether any distant relatives still remain in the area. See how and where  your ancestors lived before they emigrated without the expense of a trip to Poland!

Please contact us for a genealogy quotation or price list for research into your family roots here in Poland, photographic, Polish translation, escorted geneaology tours and/or guide services. Our charges are very reasonable. 


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