Rogi is a tiny hamlet in the middle of the forest, approximately eight kilometres north of the small town of Lubniewice, in Lubuskie, Poland. At the most recent count less than fifty people were officially registered as living there.

Rogi Sophienwalde

A photograph of the manor house (schloss) in Rogi (former: Sophienwalde), c.1933.

The settlement in Rogi is very much centred around the manor house built between 1906 and 1913 by the Von Waldow family. Unlike many similar mansions, it survives to this day in pretty much the same condition as it was before 1945, when what was at that time part of the state of Brandenburg, Germany, became part of Poland. After the war it was nationalised and served numerous purposes, including periods as a holiday resort, a home for handicapped children, and as an education centre. However, who owns the property now is unfortunately unclear, as access is currently impossible due to the recent erection of large fence around the grounds and the presence of guard dogs. As with many such properties, it may have been sold to a private individual.

rogi legend

An information board about the ‘snake woman’ legend in Rogi in Poland.

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