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Vintage Stationary Engines

Old Stationary Engines in use on our Farm

We have a variety of old English stationary engines in everyday use on our small farm in the far west of Poland. These include a Lister D engine, an early 1950s Lister CS (cold start) diesel engine, a Petter A air-cooled stationary engine, and a Villiers F15 industrial engine. They drive a vintage Lister water pump, a standby electric generator, a Warsop water pump, and an ancient German saw bench.

Here are PDF copies of manuals for the Villiers and Petter A1 stationary engines. They are absolutely free to download!

Petter A Stationary Engine Operating and Spares Manual

Villiers F15 Operating and Spare Parts Handbook

Villiers Four Stroke Engines Workshop Manual

- Covering Villiers models 10, 11/1, 10/2, 12, 12/1, 12/2, 15, 15/2



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