A Synagogue in Poland

synagoge polen

An old postcard showing a general view of Meseritz/ Miedzyrzecz, with Synagogue marked, c.1925.

Two old images of the Synagogue in the town of Meseritz in former East Brandenburg, now Miedzyrzecz, Lubuskie, Poland.

Synagogue meseritz

An interior view of the Synagogue in Meseritz / Miedzyrzecz, c.1910.

The Synagogue in Meseritz / Miedzyrzecz was last used by the Jewish community in 1940. And during the communist-era was became almost derelict. However, the building has in the past few years been converted for office or retail use and at least externally looks to now be in good shape. On our last visit it was vacant and available for rent.

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