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Andrzejki / St Andrew’s Eve

Andrzejki / St Andrew’s Eve in Poland

Andrzejki St Andrew's Eve poland

Andrzejki or St Andrew’s Eve is celebrated throughout Poland by children and teenagers who gather together to tell fortunes and generally have fun. The method usually used in fortune telling is to first pour hot wax through the hole in a key (a large one works best!) into a bowl of cold water. When the wax has set the person who wishes to see into their future holds the piece of wax up to a wall where the wax’s shape is cast in shadow. The shadow’s shape is then examined by those present to determine their or their future husband’s profession from the shape of the resulting piece. Younger children simply decide what things may play a part in their life based on the shape of the shadow cast by the wax. For example: a shadow that looks like a train might indicate that the holder of the wax might be going on a journey very soon. Many schools in Poland organise a special Andrzejki party after school for their pupils.

Andrzejki saint andrew

Andrzejki / St Andrew’s Eve falls on the 29th November but is celebrated by some on St Andrew’s Day itself, the 30th.


On the night of St. Andrew’s Eve, the 29th November, each year fortune-telling takes place at parties all over Poland. Most commonly the fortune telling involves the interpretation of the shapes made when hot wax is poured on water.


Candles are an important ingredient in the Polish tradition of Andrzejki.

Andrzejki is an especially popular tradition with girls and traditionally the most common question that many would like answered is whether or not they will be married within the year ahead. It’s not a serious occasion but Andrzejki is great fun!