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A photograph of the town hall in Mieszkowice, western Pomerania, c.1967.

Three old communist-era images of Mieszkowice, western Pomerania, Poland.

mieszkowice mieszko

The monument to Mieszko the 1st in Mieszkowice, western Pomerania, c.1967.

Three things you may not know about Mieszkowice:
- Mieszkowice had a population of around 3500 at the last count.
- Mieszkowice was called Bärwalde until 1945.
- Between 1945 and 1947 Mieszkowice was called Barwice.

mieszkowice pomerania

Another view of the momument to Miezko in Mieszkowice. This photograph though taken in 1987.

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Barwalde / Mieszkowice

Old Barwalde / Mieszkowice

A guesthouse in Bärwalde (Mieszkowice) around 1908.

An early photograph of a guesthouse in Bärwalde (Mieszkowice) around 1908.

Two archive images of Barwalde in the Neumark. Since 1945, Mieszkowice in Western Pomerania, Poland.

Barwalde Mieszkowice

One of my personal favourite old picture postcards – a railway centred image of Barwalde / Mieszkowice!

Click on either image to enlarge to see more detail.

More old images from our picture archive of Mieszkowice in western Pomerania.