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Bentschen / Zbaszyn

Four pre-war picture postcards of Bentschen (Zbąszyń). Click on any image to enlarge.

Bentschen Zbąszyń

A wonderful lithograph postcard from 1899 of Bentschen, Germany. Since 1918, Zbąszyń, Poland.

Bentschen in to Zbaszyn

At the end of the First World War, and following on from decisions made in the Treaty of Versailles, Bentschen was transferred from Germany to the newly recreated Poland and renamed Zbaszyn.

bentschen Zbaszyn

A photographic postcard of the twon of Bentschen (Zbaszyn) as it looked in 1910.

Zbaszyn in the 1930s

Zbaszyn was in the 1930s located right on the German/Polish border and in October 1938 became briefly of some international significance when both Germany and Poland had begun to restrict the rights of Jews. Firstly, Poland brought in a law removing the Polish citizenship of all Jews living outside the country. In response, Germany started to expel Jews who did not hold German citizenship and who had originally hailed from Poland. This was the first mass deportation of Jews by Nazi Germany. As a result many thousand Polish Jews who had been living inside Germany arrived by train in Zbaszyn where the Polish authorities held all who did not have valid Polish passports.

bentschen railway station

The railway station in Bentschen (Zbaszyn) before the First World War on an old picture postcard.

Bentschen Obra Zbaszyn

A photograph of the bridge over the River Obra in Bentschen (Zbaszyn), c.1911.

Zbaszyn today

Zbąszyń is a small town with a population of just over 7,000. It is located in the Wielkopolska Voivodeship of Poland.

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Neu Bentschen / Zbaszynek

Neu Bentschen railway station

Three photographs of Neu Bentschen (Zbąszynek) before the end of the Second World War.

The railway station in Neu Bentschen (Zbaszynek), c.1929.

neu bentschen zbazynek

A photographic picture postcard of a school in Neu Bentschen / Zbaszynek in the 1930s.

Neu Bentschen in to Zbaszynek.

After the Second World War, and following on from the westward shift of the border of Poland, Neu Bentschen was named Zbąszynek, and became part of Poland.

Neu Bentschen Zbaszynek

Another photograph of the same school building on Hindenburg Place, Neu Bentschen, c.1936.

Zbaszynek today

Zbąszynek is a small town with a population of just under 5,000. It is part of the province of Lubuskie (Lebus in German), western Poland.

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