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Browar Ciechan

Did you know that a selection of rather good Polish beers are produced by a brewery (browar) in the town of Ciechanow located in the Mazowieckie province of Poland.

ciechan beer

Trivia related to the brewery in Ciechanów:
- For many year the brewery was owned by someone of Scots descent called Karol Machlejd (MacLeod).
- During the Second World War the brewery was take other by the Nazis and known by the name Brauerei Betriebs GmbH.
- Some of the beers produced by Ciechan include Ciechan Lager, Ciechan Miodowe (Honey), and an unpasteurised beer called Ciechan Wyborne (Exquisite).
- Ciechanów brewery also make an isotonic drink called Krzepiak.

Ciechanów Zichenau

The town hall and main square in Ciechanów or Zichenau as it was then on a postcard dated 1941.


A photograph of people on a zebra crossing on ulica Pultuska in Ciechanow, c.1990.

More photographs from our archive and information on Ciechanow.

Witnica Brewery

Browar Witnica

Browar Witnica is a small brewery producing a range of high quality beers in Lubuskie province in the far west of Poland. The brewing of beer on the same site in the centre of the small town of Witnica, near Gorzów, can be traced back to the mid 19th century when this part of present-day Poland was Germany.

Polish beer

Three Polish beers by Browar Witnica in Lubuskie. The open beer is their simply delicious honey beer.

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