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Easter in Poland

Easter is for many Poles the most important Christian festival and is celebrated across the country. Churches are at their busiest with the vast majority of Poles attending at least one service. Many also take part in street processions organised by their local church.

POlish Easter card

An antique Polish Easter card. This Easter card mailed from Lwow to Poznan in 1929.

Important Polish Easter traditions include the preparation of a basket for blessing on the Saturday before Easter Sunday. This Easter basket is called a swieconka in Polish. The basket is decorated and filled with decorated hard-boiled eggs (pisanki), bread, cake, salt, pepper and some sausage. In recent years many people also add one or two small chocolate eggs to the basket. This is then taken to the church where it is blessed by the Priest sprinkling it with holy water after the special service.

Easter blessing Poland

A fine image of a Polish priest blessing Easter eggs and food in a house in Poland.

Easter Sunday (Wielkanoc) morning breakfast is also an important part of any Polish Easter celebration. Dishes eaten will include some of the ingredients blessed the previous morning at church. While seated at the table, many families also play a sort of traditional game with the hard-boiled eggs, bashing the eggs together, to see which egg is the strongest. The winner is blessed with good luck.

Easter Poland

A fairly typical contemporary Easter card. This particular card sent from Krakow to Szczecin in 1999.

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Smingus Dyngus

Smingus Dyngus (or just Dyngus) is a traditional ritual celebrated on the first Monday after Easter in Poland. On this day boys wander around with buckets of water and water pistols in order throw or sprinkle water on any girls they can find. Traditionally they would only throw water at girls they were attracted to but in recent years any female will do, no matter how old or unattractive. Men are also sometimes targeted! This water-based Polish custom probably has its roots in pagan traditions where the pouring of water is associated with cleansing and purification.

Smingus Dyngus Poland

The Polish Easter Monday tradition that is Smingus Dyngus detailed on an old picture postcard, c.1911.

This webpage is about the Smingus Dyngus / Wet Monday / Lany Poniedzialek Easter tradition.

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