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Baby Geese

polish geese

Two one week old baby geese. These two geese are being hand reared away from a very aggressive father goose.

We have one week old goslings (baby geese). Twelve in total. The two smallest of the goslings we are hand rearing and they are quite the cutest creatures ever. Return at a later date to see photos of them more grown up!

polish goose

Feeding dandelion leaves by hand to two one week old geese. The bowl is there for them to swim in!

Polish Chickens!

chickens hens

Some of our free-ranging hens pecking around searching for bugs and worms near our currant bushes.

Regular visitors will know that we live in a rural setting. Here’s a photograph of three of our hens in front of one of two henhouses. We currently have nine chickens, which keep us (and some of our extended family) in tasty free-range eggs. The chickens are free to wander anywhere on our core three hectare plot and each hen generally lays one egg each and every day. Dropping in winter to perhaps one every egg two or three days. Many Poles in our rural part of Poland keep a few chickens and some friends even keep a pig or two to fatten up and eat!

polish chickens

Two of our ‘Polish chickens’. These hens are around two years old and spend most of their time with each other. Best friends!

On the subject of eggs. Here is our recipe for Polish Egg Salad.

Polish Egg Salad

10 hard-boiled eggs
5 pickled dill gherkins
2 tomatoes
1 onion
plain yogurt

Directions for Polish Egg Salad
Simply cut up the ingredients in to small pieces. Mix. Cool in a fridge and serve with fresh bread.

Related content: our family recipe for Polish Scrambled Eggs with Sausage.

Come back soon to read and see more of life in Poland, and most especially the Polish countryside.

Agricultural Fair Poland

agriculture vegetables

Totally fresh and fully organic vegetables being sold on a stall at the fair last weekend.

Last weekend we paid a visit to an agricultural fair, which takes place just down the road from us here in Lubuskie, in the far west of Poland. Here are a few cellphone snaps taken on a wander around the grounds in the few minute’s we had away from our geese.

agriculture peppers

Large bags of red peppers for sale. Smallholders and farmers sell whatever they have at tis sort of fair. Often in a fairly disorganised way.

harvest festival display poland

A harvest festival display made by a lady in her late 80s. Mushroom season has now very much begun!

Ursus Tractors

ursus poland

URSUS is a Polish tractor and agricultural machinery manufacturer based in Warsaw. The company was founded in 1893 but its first mass-selling tractor was the Ursus C-45, a copy of the German pre-war Lanz Bulldog tractor. Since then it has built several models based mostly on old Massey-Ferguson and Zetor designs. Ursus has recently been bought by another Polish company Pol-Mot and has plans to start building electric buses alongside their tractors.

ursus tractors

An early newspaper advertisement for an Ursus stationary engine.

Farming in Poland

Farming Poland

An old picture postcard featuring Polish farmworkers in the countryside west of Lodz, Poland, c.1911.

Farming in Poland quick facts:
60 percent of Poland’s total area is farmland.
Agriculture contributes an estimated 6.0% to Poland’s total GDP.
Around one in six Poles is employed on the land, which compares to a European Union average of less than 5%.
Just over 60% of Polish farms are of less than ten hectares.
Approximately 4 per cent of Poland’s agricultural land is used for organic farming.
Poland is the second largest producer of rye and potatoes in the world.
Poland is one of the largest producers of pork in Europe.
Poland produces almost 3 million tonnes of apples each year, making the country the largest producer of apples in Europe.

ursus tractors poland

Commemorative stamps issued by Polish post on the 90th anniversary of Ursus tractors in 1983

What to know more about farming in Poland? Come and stay on our small organic farm in Poland. Berlin is only an hour’s drive west of here. You can even help us feed our pigs, chickens and geese, if you wish!

farm animals poland pl

Stamps featuring various farm animals (Geese, Pigs, Chickens and more) issued by the Polish Post Office in 1975.