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Poland beat Germany 2 : 0

News: Poland have just beaten Germany 2 goals to zero in the qualifying round of the Euro Football Championship at the Warsaw Stadium in Poland. This was the first time that Poland have ever beaten Germany in a football match. The home crowd and the millions of Poles watching the game on television were as you can imagine most happy! The actual competition will take place in France in 2016.

Germany are the current football world champions.

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The Footballer – Lukas Podolski

Podolski Poland

Podolski born in Poland to two Polish parents but playing for the German football team.

With the World Cup currently taking place there is much discussion here in Poland on the true nationality of two of Germany’s team who were born in Poland but playing for Germany.

The burning question: Are they really German or Polish?

One of those German players, Lukas Podolski, appears to be almost universally seen (and supported!) by Poles as being Polish rather than German!

Similar comments are also made about Miroslav Klose, another footballer born in Poland but playing for Germany.