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Heidersdorf / Łagiewniki

Lagiewniki Heidersdorf

The sugar factory, two churches, and other parts of Lagiewniki (former: Heidersdorf), c.1911.

Łagiewniki (German name: Heidersdorf) is a village in Lower Silesia, southwest Poland. It is located approximately 43 kilometres south west of the regional capital, Wroclaw.

lagiewniki heidersdorf silesia

The railway station (bahnhof) in Lagiewniki / Heidersdorf in Lower Silesia, c.1912.

Three things you might not know about Lagiewniki

- Lagiewniki was once famous for sugar production. A large factory opened here in 1857 but closed in the early 2000s.
- Łagiewniki was called Heidersdorf until 1945 and part of Germany.
- The population of Łagiewniki numbers around 2,700.

lagiewniki heidersdorf nimptsch

A view of Lagiewniki (Heidersdorf, kreis Nimptsch) from the church tower, c.1921.

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And the nearby village of Jaźwina (Langseifersdorf).

Lagiewniki / Heidersdorf

Łagiewniki Heidersdorf schlesien

An old lithograph postcard showing the villa, station, post office and main street in Łagiewniki (former Heidersdorf), c.1899.

Łagiewniki (former: Heidersdorf) is a small town in Lower Silesia, Poland.

Łagiewniki Heidersdorf

The sugar factory, Catholic church and castle in Łagiewniki (former Heidersdorf) near Niemcza (Nimptsch), c.1914.

lagiewniki heidersdorf nimptsch

The main street through Lagiewniki (Heidersdorf), near Niemcza (Nimptsch), c.1929.

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