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Schoenow / Sieniawa

sieniawa schnoenow lagow

Four photographs of Sieniawa (Schnoenow) near Lagow, on an old picture postcard mailed in 1921.

Sieniawa (former: Schoenow NM) is a village near the town of Lagow in the province of Lubuskie in western Poland.

sieniawa schnoenow nm

The railway station, store, and main street in Sieniawa (Schoenow N.M), c.1921.

Three things you might not know about Sieniawa:

- The wooden tower of the church dates back to the early 18th century.
- Brown coal (Lignite) has been mined in the village since 1873.
- The total population was less than 1,000 at the last official count in 2010.

sieniawa schnoenow lagow neumark

The church, manor house, a shop, and park in Sieniawa (German: Schnoenow Neumark) near Lagow, c.1926.

sieniawa schnoenow lagow lubuskie

Four more images of Sieniawa (Schnoenow) in what is now the Polish province of Lubuskie, c.1939.

See also: old images of and information on nearby Poźrzadło (former: Spiegelberg N.M).

Spiegelberg / Poźrzadło

Spiegelberg pozrzadlo

An old picture postcard image o a treehouse and the church in Pozrzadlo (Spiegelberg), c.1899.

A selection of images from our picture archive of the village of Poźrzadło (former: Spiegelberg), near Łagów, in Lubuskie, western Poland.

Poźrzadło spiegelberg poland

Detail from an old postcard of Poźrzadło (German: Spiegelberg), near Topper (Torzym), c.1917.

Selected trivia concerning Pozrzadlo:

- The wooden church in Pozrzadlo dates back to the mid 18th century.
- Until 1945, Poźrzadło was part of Germany and called Spiegelberg.
- There are a number of interesting cycle routes in and around Pozrzladlo and a recently developed scenic Nordic walking route leading from Poźrzadelska Mountain to the lake in Lagow.

Poźrzadło spiegelberg neumark

Five different views of Poźrzadło (Spiegelberg), near Lagow, c.1917.

An old photograph of a shop in Poźrzadło (Spiegelberg NM), c.1924.

An old photograph of Henke Maler’s General Store in Poźrzadło (Spiegelberg NM), c.1924.

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Lagow Through Time

A selection of images of Lagow through time. These date from German-era Lagow and end with a look at communist-era Polish Lagow as it looked in the late 1970s.

Lagow 1899

A lithograph picture postcard of Lagow, in what was East Brandenburg, c.1899.

lagow viadukt

An old picture postcard featuring a steam train a passing over the viaduct in Lagow, c.1905.

Lagow Poland

The view from the top of the railway viaduct looking down on Lagow, c.1929.

Lagow 1926

An old postcard of the castle and part of the centre of Lagow in the 1920s.

Lagow 1970

Holidaymakers in swimming trunks on one of the lakeside beaches in Lagow, Poland, c.1970.

Lagow 1979

A multiview picture postcard featuring four photographs of Lagow in the 1970s.

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