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Six photographs taken this very week of the small town of Lubniewice, Lubuskie, Poland.


A horse and cart making its way thrugh the streets of Lubniewice, Lebus, Poland.

Lubniewice (Königswalde) is one of the smallest towns in the whole of Poland with a population of less than 1,900 people. The Lubniewice area is blessed with three beautiful lakes with clean water and lots of fish, mushroom and wildlife-filled forests, interesting architecture, a sandy beach, and several good restaurants and bars. It is located in the county of Sulecin County in the Lubuskie Voivodeship, of western Poland, which is itself a most picturesque and unspoilt part of the country. Until 1945, the town was called Konigswalde and part of the German province of East Brandenburg. However, following the Polish / German border changes brought by the Oder-Neisse line agreement, Lubniewice, and indeed the whole region, became part of the Republic of Poland and the German population expelled.


The open-air market and culture centre in Lubniewice, Lubuskie, Poland.

Lubniewice is located about 28 kms south of the large city of Gorzów Wielkopolski, 50 kms from the Polish / German border crossing in Kostrzyn, and 15 kms north-west of Sulecin.


A kayak on one of three beautiful lakes in and around Lubniewice. The town’s church is in the distance.


A splendid and FREE production of Little Red Riding Hood in the main market square of Lubniewice, Poland.

Lubniewice Polen

The fountain, outdoor theatre stage, and Rusalka restaurant in Lubniewice, Lebus, Polen.


A fine spot for some fishing. The lakes of Lubniewice are filled with many fish and fishing is actively encouraged.

Selected towns and cities within 100 kms of Lubniewice: Berlin, Frankfurt Oder, Gorzow; Miedzyrzecz, Poznan, Skwierzyna, Szczecin, Wolsztyn, Zielona Gora.

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Old photographs of pre-war Lubniewice / Koenigswalde.
Two maps of Lubniewice (one pre-war, the other an up-to-date interactive version).

Meekow / Miechow

meekow Miechów

An old picture postcard featuring three different views of Meekow / Miechów, near Zielenzig / Sulęcin, c.1911.

Here we have three old picture postcards of the small village of Meekow / Miechów in present-day Poland. Miechów is located near the towns of Lubniewice and Sulęcin in the province of Lubuskie in the far west of Poland.

Meekow Miechów

An old image of a guest house in Meekow, in what was East Brandenburg / Neumark, Germany. Mailed in 1912.

Miechów meekow

Miechów / Meekow neumark, on an old multiview postcard, c.1919.

Maps of Lubniewice

Two different maps of the Lubniewice (Koenigswalde Neumark) area of Lubuskie in Poland.

map koenigswalde 1942

A very small section of a much larger German-era map of Lubniewice / Koenigswalde in Lubuskie, Poland.

This first map was compiled during the German-period in this part of Poland’s history. Click on the map above to see more detail or better still click here to download the much expanded version of the full 1:25 000 map. This is a very large file and will take some time to download and/or view.


This is a fully-interactive satellite based map of Lubniewice by Microsoft Bing. Click on the map (or use your finger) to explore the whole area. This is a truly great map!

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Koenigswalde / Lubniewice

Koenigswalde Neumark

A picture postcard of the view from the church tower of the lake and one of the castles in Koenigswalde Neumark, c.1910.

Three pre-Second World War vintage postcards of Koenigswalde, now Lubniewice, Poland.

Koenigswalde Lubniewice

One of three lakes in and around Koenigswalde, since 1945 Lubniewice.

Koenigswalde lake

A postcard of one of the lakes in Konigswalde before the end of the Second World War.

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