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Rabka-Zdrój Through Time

RAbka lesser poland

A picture postcard featuring a panorama of Rabka, Małopolskie (lesser Poland), c.1914.

A selection of old images of Rabka-Zdrój, Małopolskie, south-east Poland.

rabka zdroj malopolska

The 16th century St. Magdalena’s Church in Radka, Malopolskie, Poland, c.1944.


An old photograph of the Music Pavillion in Rabka-Zdrój, Lesser Poland, c.1960.

Some things you may not know about Rabka:
- Rabka is located between Kraków and Zakopane on the northern slopes of the Gorce Mountains.
- The population of Rabka-Zdrój is currently around 13,000.
- Rabka is home to a large number of Gorals (Górale), Carpathian Slavic highlanders.
- An interesting 16th-century larch-wood church, numerous examples of folk sculpture and glass paintings can be seen at the Władysław Orkan Museum in Rabka.


The Villa Trzy Róże in Rabka-Zdrój, Lesser Poland, c.1974.

- There is a rather good open-air railway museum in nearby Chabówka!

The Old Synagogue Krakow

old synagogue krakow

A photograph of Orthodox Jews outside the ‘Old’ Synagogue in Krakow, Poland, c.1911.

Three archive images of the old Synagogue (Stara Synagoga) in the Kazimierz district of Krakow, Małopolskie, Poland.

synagog krakow

Another vintage photograph of what is known as the Old Synagogue in Poland.

The Old Synagogue in what was at the centre of the Jewish quarter of Krakow was built in 1570 on the site of an even older synagogue. Making this synagogue the oldest synagogue still in existence within the borders of Poland.

Old Synagogue Cracow / Krakow, Poland

The Old Synagogue in Cracow / Krakow, Poland, c.1918.

Some things you may not know about the Old Synagogue and synagogs in Krakow:
- The design of the Old Synagogue is of the type known as a Polish Fortress synagogue.
- In 1775 Tadeusz Kosciuszko gave a speech to the Jewish community in this synagogue encouraging them to join in the fight for the freedom of Poland.
- This fine synagogue was extensively damaged by the Germans during the Second World War, and, after renovation in the 1950s, has since 1961 served as a Jewish museum, known as the ‘Museum of the History and Culture of the Jews’.
- Before World War Two there were around one hundred synagogues within the city of Krakow serving a Jewish community of approximately 70,000.
- The Old Synagogue is just one of several surviving synagogues in Krakow. Others include: the Izaak Jakubowicz Synagogue, Tempel Synagogue, Wolf Popper Synagogue, High Synagogue. There are currently two active synagogues in present-day Krakow: Remuh Synagogue and Kupa Synagogue.

Use the interactive map below to explore the various sights around the Kazimierz area and wider Krakow.

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