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Zakopane Mountain Man

Zakopane mountains POland

A tourist postcard showing a mountain man in traditional dress, c.1920.

A super picture of a man of the Zakopane mountains in traditional costume.

Zakopane is a town with a population of just over 28,000 and is located in the far south of Poland. Specifically the southern part of the Podhale region at the foot of the Tatra Mountains.

Zakopane is the centre of Góral culture and referred to by some as the ‘winter capital of Poland’. It is a popular destination for mountaineering, skiing, and tourism.

Tatra Mountains

Goral tatra mountains

A group of people in the traditional Goral dress of the Tatra Mountains, c.1905.

The Tatra Mountains are a mountain range that form a natural border between Poland and Slovakia. They are the highest mountain range in the Carpathian Mountains. The highest point in Poland is Rysy at 2,500 metres, which is located south of Zakopane.

The Tatra mountains are home to a number of rare mammals. These include the Tatra chamois, marmot, snow vole, brown bear, wolf, Eurasian lynx, red deer, roe deer, and large numbers of wild boar. Notable fish include the brown trout and alpine bullhead.

Tatra Tatry Mountains Poland

Another postcard featuring locals dressed in traditional Tatra mountain costume. This posted in 1909.

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Three old photographs of people wearing the traditional folk dress of the Zakopane region.

Mountains in Poland

Although the most well-known mountains in Poland and the ones which attract tourists from all over the world are the Tatra Mountains, there are a number of other beautiful mountain ranges within Poland. These include the Sudeten and Carpathian mountain ranges; the Swietokrzyskie; and Sanocko-Turczanskie Mountains.

Polish Mountains

Six stamps issued by the Polish post office shoeing some of Poland’s mountains.

The highest mountains in Poland are Mount Rysy (2499 metres) in the Tatra mountain range; Babia Góra (1725 metres) in the Beskid Żywiecki mountain range; and Mount Sniezka (1600 metres)in the Karkonosze mountains.

Mount Rysy Poland

A postcard from the 1980s with photos of Mount Rysa in the High Tatras.