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Poland at Night!

Poland After Dark

poland nighttime

An after dark view of Plac Konstytucji, Warsaw, Poland, 1967.

Three photographs taken in the late 1960s of three Polish cities – Warsaw, Poznan, and Krakow – at night!

poland after dark

A night time view of Ulica 27 Grudnia, Poznan, Poland, c.1967.

poland night

The main theatre in Krakow photographed one night in 1967.

See also: old images of Warsaw at night during the communist era!

Warsaw after Dark

metropol hotel warsaw

An old photograph of the Metropol Hotel in Warsaw, Poland, c.1967.

A selection of old photographs of communist era Warsaw after dark. All were taken in 1967.

warsaw after dark

A busy after dark view of Krucza Street in Warsaw, Poland, c.1967.

warsaw kino polonia

A night time look at the Cinema (Kino) Polonia on Marszalkowska Street, Warsaw, Poland, c.1967.

More archive images of 1960s Warsaw / Warschau.