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Wiele pomorskie

Children gathered outside the church in Wiele in Pomorskie in the early years of the twentieth century.

Wiele is a village near Karsin in Pomorskie, northern Poland. It is around 22 kilometres (13 miles) south of the town of Kościerzyna.


An early 1970s photo of people headed to one of the several chapels in and around Wiele in Poland.

Three things you might know about Wiele:

- Wiele is located in the southern part of the Kashubian region of Poland.
- The current population of Wiele is 1,200. During the summer months many more people live here because of the lakes and other attractions in the area.
- Wiele is home to the Museum of Zaborland, which houses a wide variety of Kashubian folk art.

wiele kashubia

A map showing Wiele and its position within southern Kashubia. Nearby places include: Bak, Borsk, and Odry.

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Neustadt / Wejherowo

Neustadt / Wejherowo Through Time

Wejherowo neustadt

Part of a picture postcard dating back to 1899 of Neustadt / Wejherowo.

A selection of early images of Wejherowo (former Neustadt), Pomerania, Poland.

Wejherowo neustadt w.pr

A scan of an old lithographic picture postcard of Neustadt / Wejherowo, c.1901.

The current population of Wejherowo is around 47,000.

wejherowo neustadt pommern

A lovely old image of the water mill and mill pond in Wejherowo / Neustadt, Pommern, c.1903.

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A scan of a very early ‘Gruss aus’ lithographic picture postcard of Znin from 1899.

Three images from our collection of old photographs and picture postcards of the town of Znin in the Kuyavian-Pomeranian Voivodeship (Province).

znin polska

A scan of an old postcard of the medieval tower and town hall in Znin, Poland. This was posted in 1931.

znin polen poland

A photographic postcard mailed in 1969 of the Rynek (Market Square) in Znin, Poland.

Three interesting facts about Znin:

- The name Znin is spelt Żnin in Polish, which drives from the word ‘żnieja’, meaning harvest.
- Znin was renamed Dietfurt after the German invasion in 1939 and became a part of the Wartheland.
- Znin has a simply splendid narrow gauge railway and there is an equally interesting railway museum in nearby Wenecja.

Nearby locations: Biskupin (museum of archaeology); Gniezno.

Wejherowo in Pomorskie

Neustadt Pomerania / Wejherowo Pomorskie

The central Market area (now plac Wejhera Jakuba) of Neustadt (now Wejherowo), Pomorskie, c.1920.

The central Market area (now plac Wejhera Jakuba) of Neustadt (now Wejherowo), Pomorskie, c.1920.

Three more images from our archive of Wejherowo (former Neustadt) in Pomorskie, Poland.

wejherowo-neustadt bahnhof

An old photograph of the railway station in Wejherowo / Neustadt, c.1922.

neustadt wejherowo west prussia

A photograph of Adolf Hitler Place in Neustadt, now Wejherowo, West Prussia, c.1939.

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Bresin / Brzezno Leborskie

Brzeźno leborskie bresin

A scan of an old picture postcard featuring three different views of Bresin / Brzeźno Lęborskie, c.1918.

Here are a couple more random images from our picture archive. Both picture the small village of Brzezno Leborskie (former Bresin), in the county of Wejherowo (Neustadt) in Pomerania, northern Poland.

bresin pomerania

Three more photographs on an old postcard of Bresin / Brzeźno Lęborskie. Mailed in 1919.

Brzeźno Lęborskie is approximately five kilometres north-west of the larger village of Łęczyce (Lanz) and 27 kilometres west of the town of Wejherowo (Neustadt). Brzeźno’s population is currently around 750.

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Stutthof / Sztutowo

Pre-war Stutthof / Sztutowo

Stutthof Sztutowo pomorskie

A photographic picture postcard of Stutthof (Sztutowo), Pommern, c.1929.

A selection of pre-war images from our archive of the village of Stutthof / Sztutowo in Pomerania, Poland.

stutthof ostseebad pommern

An old pre-war postcard of Dorfstrasse (village street) in Stutthof Ostseebad (Sztutowo), Pommern, c.1934.

In late 1939, just west of the village, the Germans built an infamous concentration camp where more than 110,000 people were imprisoned. The camp was liberated by the Soviet Red Army in May 1945. It has been estimated that around 85,000 prisoners died there over the course of those five years or so.

A museum on the site of the former concentration camp was established in 1962 where a large number of the former camp buildings have been preserved including the German commandant’s building, crematorium, barracks, and fences.

Stutthof (Sztutowo), Pomern

A picture postcard image of Rathke’s Seeweg in Stutthof (Sztutowo), Pommern, c.1939.

Present-day Sztutowo is a flourishing tourist centre with numerous guest houses and recreational facilities. The population of the village is approximately 3,000.

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