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Railway Station in Breslau / Wroclaw

Breslau railway station

An old postcard from the early 1900s of Breslau railway station. Click on picture to enlarge image.

Three pre-war photographs of the railway station in Breslau (Wroclaw), Silesia.

Breslau railway Wroclaw

A personal photograph of German soldiers on one of the platforms of Breslau station in 1939.

Breslau Hauptbahnhof / Wrocław Główny / The main station was built in 1857, as the starting point of the Oberschlesische Eisenbahn (Upper Silesian Railway), as well as the line from Breslau to Glogau via Posen.

breslau Wroclaw railway station

The exterior of the railway station in Breslau, now Wroclaw, around 1940.

Wroclaw Glowny is today the largest and busiest passenger station in south-west Poland. It is located at the junction of several important routes.

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Railway Station in Meseritz / Miedzyrzecz

Two pictures of the railway station in pre-war Meseritz (Miedzyrzecz). Click to enlarge.

meseritz miedzyrzecz bahnhof

The railway station in Meseritz (Miedzyrzecz), former Posen / Brandenburg province, c.1905.

meseritz miedzyrzecz railway

An exterior pre-World War One picture of the exterior of the railway station in Meseritz (Miedzyrzecz), c.1910.

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Gruenberg / Zielona Gora

Gruenberg zielona gora

The railway station in Gruenberg (Zielona Góra) in Schlesien, c.1910.

Three pictures of Gruenberg in Silesia as it looked in the 1910s and 1920s. Since 1945 Grunberg has been known as Zielona Gora (Green Mountain) and is part of the province of Lubuskie in western Poland.

Gruenberg Zielona Gora

The city hall and center of Gruenberg in Silesia, c.1929.

windmill gruenberg zielona gora

The windmill which up until the Second World War stood near the centre of Gruenberg (Zielona Gora).

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Zielona Gora is one of the only places in Poland growing grapes for Polish wine.