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Lighting Church Candles

Church candles in Poland

Our children and their friend lighting votive candles in the Church Our Lady of Rokitno in the west of Poland.

This afternoon we paid a visit to the simply wonderful mid 18th century Church and Minor Basilica in the village of Rokitno, in the Przytoczna / Skwierzyna area of Lubuskie, Poland. During the visit we lit votive candles and said silent, individual prayers for either individuals or specific issues. These prayer candles continued to burn after we left the church. The burning flame symbolising the ongoing nature of the prayer. This is a commonplace activity in Catholic churches throughout Poland. In every church we have visited a small charge is made to cover the cost of the candles. In this case the recommended donation is one zloty.

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Three pictures of the minor basilica (church) in Rokitno, near Skwierzyna, Lubuskie, Poland.

Rokitno church poland

The simply wonderful frontage of the mid 18th century baroque church in Rokitno, Lubsukie, Poland.

Rokitno Church

The main altar inside the minor basilica church in Rokitno, western Poland.

Rokitno altar painting

The early 16th century ‘Dutch-school’ altar painting of the Virgin Mary in Rokitno. The miraculous image of the Virgin of Rokitno. The unusual feature is the exposed ear, which has resulted in the name ‘Mother of God patiently listening’ to the painting.

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Rokitten / Rokitno

Three old pre-war photographs of Rokitten in the former German province of Posen / East Brandenburg. Since, 1945, the vilage has been called Rokitno and is part of the province of Lubuskie, Poland.

Rokitten Rokitno

Rokitten Lubuskie Rokitno

Rokitten Meseritz

Rokitno (Rokitten) is a village in the Skwierzyna (Schwerin) / Miedzyrzecz (Meseritz) area of the province of Lubuskie, Poland. It is the location of a truly splendid Baroque church (minor basilica) dedicated to ‘Our Lady of Rokitno’ dating back to the mid 18th century; and probably the most important sanctuary and shrine (Sanktuarium) in western Poland. A painting of the Virgin Mary dating back to the 16th century can be seen in the main altar of the church. Just outside of the village is a unique pilgrims trail linking a series of twenty eight outdoor shrines.

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