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Friedeberg / Strzelce Krajenskie

Three pictures of pre-war Friedeberg, since 1945, Strzelce Krajenskie, Lubuskie, Poland.

Friedeberg Strzelce Krajenskie

A highly-animated picture postcard of Friedeberg Nm, now Strzelce Krajenskie, Polen. Click to enlarge.

Friedeberg neumark Strzelce Krajenskie

A photograph of the market square in Friedeberg Neumark (Strzelce Krajenskie), Lebus, Poland, c.1905.

Freideberg Strzelce Krajenskie

The old town wall in Friedeberg / Strzelce Krajenskie, Poland, c.1910.

See also our vintage image of the railroad station in Friedeberg, c.1920.

Strzelce Krajeńskie

Strzelce Krajeńskie

strzelce krajenskie lubuskie

A photograph of the old town wall and a gate in Strzelce Krajenskie, Lubuskie, c.1971.

A selection of old communist-era images from our picture archive of Strzelce Krajeńskie in Lubuskie, in the far west of Poland.

Strzelce Krajeńskie

An old image of shops and restaurant of Bolesława Chrobrego in Strzelce Krajeńskie, Poland. c.1977.

Strzelce Krajenskie

The medieval gate and city wall on Wojska Polskiego in Strzelce Krajenskie, c.1984.

See also three images of Friedeberg / Strzelce Krajeńskie as it looked before 1945.