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Silsterwitz / Sulistrowice

Sulistrowice Gross Silsterwitz

An old picture postcard featuring four different views of Sulistrowice / Gross Silsterwitz, c.1913.

Sulistrowice (German: Gross Silsterwitz / Senkenberg) is a village in Lower Silesia, southwest Poland.

sulistrowice senkenberg

Another old picture postcard of Sulistrowice (Gross Silsterwitz / Senkenberg), c.1913.

Sulistrowice is situated 40 kilometres south west of the city of Wroclaw.

sulistrowice silsterwitz

A panoramic view of Sulistrowice (former: Silsterwitz and from 1936 Senkenberg) in Lower Silesia, c.1940.

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