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Wild Forest Mushrooms from Poland

We run a small organic eco-farm in a heavily forested, unspoilt, and unpolluted area in the west of Poland. From our base in Lubuskie we organise mushroom picking trips into the Notecka forest, pick and supply wild dried mushrooms for export to kitchens and restaurants all over Europe and the rest of the world. 

50 grams of dried wild mushrooms reconstitutes into 150 to 200 grams when water is added. (200 grams is approximately 7 ounces) - see photograph of 50 g of dried Boletus Mushrooms.

We currently have the following wild mushrooms for sale:

Polish Borowik Wild Mushrooms  

- These Borowiki (Boletus) wild mushrooms are the most prized here in Poland and indeed throughout Europe. They are hand picked in the forests around our organic farm by our small team of experienced mushroomers, sliced, and then dried using the traditional Polish farmhouse method. In our view the flavour of a Polish forest mushroom is superior to any other wild mushroom. Boletus - the European king of mushrooms has a rich, musty flavour that enhances soups, stews, sauces, pastas and risottos or used as a flavouring in stuffings and appetizers. To use our dried Boletus (Porcini) mushrooms just soak the dry mushrooms in hot water for ten minutes then use them with the liquid.

Grade 1 Polish Borowiki (Boletus) Mushrooms

To Poles, Borowik (Boletus edulis, Porcini, Cepe), commonly known in English as King Bolete are the king of all European forest mushrooms! Our Borowiki are hand-picked in unspoilt Polish forests.

100 gramme bags of dried wild Borowik mushrooms

Our Price $ 32 (including the cost of international postage).


200 gramme bags of dried wild Borowik mushrooms

Our Price $ 60 (including the cost of international postage).


454 grams of dried wild Borowik mushrooms - 1 lb - ( 1 pound)

Our Price $ 120 (including the cost of international postage).


Polish Forest Wild Mushroom Mix

- 100 gram packs of various delicious wild mushrooms hand-picked in the wonderful pristine forest around the Polish / German border. Mixed bags include dried Borowik/Cep (Boletus Edulis), Bay Bolete (Xerocomus Badius), Bovine/Cow Bolete (Suillus Bovinus), and Chanterelles (Chatherellus Cibarius) mushrooms. The perfect ingredient for Bigos and other traditional Polish dishes.

Grade 1 Polish Mixed Forest Mushrooms

100 gram bags of high quality mixed dried wild mushrooms from Polish forests.

Our Price $ 29 (including the cost of international postage).


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