1970s Kalisz

Three photographs of Kalisz in Poland during the 1970s. Click any image to enlarge.

Kalisz Poland

A bus, Syrena motor cars, and a couple Polish-made trucks on Ulica Gornoslaska, Kalisz, in 1973.

Kalisz Poland

Two motorcycles in an otherwise traffic-free Kalisz, Poland, in 1973.

Kalisz Poland

A Restauracja i kawiarnia (restaurant and café) and socialist Communist apartment blocks in 1970s PRL Kalisz.

Did you know?

  • Kalisz claims to be the oldest town in Poland!
  • Kalisz is the second largest city in Wielkopolskie, after Poznan.
  • The name Kalisz is believed to stem from the Slavic word ‘kal’, meaning swamp.

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