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In Poland, abortion has been severely restricted since the end of communist rule. Women may only be granted a termination of their pregnancy as a result of rape, incest, when their life is in danger, or there is serious damage to the foetus. As a result, access to abortion in Poland is among the most restricted in Europe.

In protest the Dutch women’s rights group ‘Women on Waves’ and ‘Ciocia Basia’ (Auntie Barbara), a Berlin-based abortion support group, plan to fly a drone carrying abortion pills over the border between Germany and Poland to waiting Polish activists. The drone flight will take place across the River Oder / Odra, which separates the German city of Frankfurt Oder from the Polish town of Slubice.

It has been estimated that several thousand women have abortions illegally in Poland or travel to countries like Finland or England each year for ‘abortions on demand’.

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