Altwasser / Stary Zdroj

Three pre-war pictures of Altwasser in Silesia, since 1945, Stary Zdrój, Poland.

Altwasser Stary Zdrój

A lovely old picture postcard of the village of Altwasser, Silesia, as it looked in 1930. Click to enlarge image.

Altwasser Stary Zdrój

A postcard based on a painting of Altwasser in Silesia. After World War Two, Altwasser was renamed Stary Zdrój.

Altwasser Schlesien

A photographic postcard of Waldenburg Altwasser railway station as it looked in the 1930s.

Stary Zdrój (Altwasser) although once a town itself, is now very much part of the larger city of Wałbrzych (Waldenburg), Poland.

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