Arnswalde / Choszczno

arnswalde choszczno1899

An old picture postard of Arnswalde / Choszczno posted in 1899 to nearby Landsberg (Gorzow).

A selection of old picture postcards and photographs of Arnswalde in the Neumark as it looked before the Second World War. Since 1945, Arnswalde has been called Choszczno and been part of Poland.

Arnswalde Choszczno Poland

Boats and people on the lake in Arnsawlde / Choszczno, c.1905.

Arnswalde N-M Choszczno

The Hotel Ladisch and fountain in the centre of Arnswalde / Choszczno, c.1912.

Arnswalde Neumark into Choszczno

At the end of World War Two the inhabitants of Arnswalde, who were almost all German, either fled westwards or were expelled when Arnswalde fell to the Soviet Red Army in February 1945. Arnswalde was then handed over to Poland and renamed Choszczno

Choszczno was then repopulated by Poles who had left former Polish territories, now in Ukraine, which had been lost to Poland in the redrawing borders at the end of the Second World War.

Arneswalde neumark

People posing in the middle of a traffic-free Hohentor Strasse in Arnswalde / Choszczno, c.1914.

A photograph of ulica Wolności in Choszczno, Poland. c.1974.

A photograph of ulica Wolności in Choszczno, Poland. c.1974.

Choszczno today

Choszczno (Arnswalde) is a town with a population of approximately 16,000 in the province of Western Pomeranian (Zachodniopomorskie), Poland.


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