Baerwalde / Mieszkowice

Bärwalde in der Neumark mieszkowice

The main market square in Bärwalde in der Neumark / Mieszkowice, c.1900.

A selection of old images of the small town of Mieszkowice in Poland.

baerwalde Mieszkowice

A vintage picture postcard of Baerwalde N.M / Mieszkowice, c.1919.

Some things you may not know about Mieszkowice:
- Prior to 1945 Mieszkowice was called Baerwalde and part of Germany.
- Mieszkowice in now part of the province of Zachodniopomoskie (Western Pomerania) in Poland.
- The present-day population of Mieszkowice is just over 3,450.

baerwalde mieszkowice poalnd

A photograph of the Secondary School in Baerwalde / Mieszkowice, c.1933. At this time it was a girls only school.

mieszkowice polska

A photograph of one of the gates of the medieval town walls in Mieszkowice, Poland, c.1974.

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