Berlinchen / Barlinek

Pre-War Berlinchen Nm (Barlinek)

Berlinchen neumark de

An elevated view of the lake and part of Berlinchen Neumark (Barlinek), c.1912.

berlinchen nm landsberg warthe

An old map of the Berlinchen and Landsberg Warthe area of East Brandenburg, Germany, c.1914. Click to enlarge.

A selection of old pre-war images and a map of Berlinchen, Neumark (East Brandenburg). Since 1945, berlinchen has been part of Poland and is now called Barlinek.

berlinchen nm barlinek

An old photograph of Bahnhofstrasse in Berlinchen Nm (Barlinek), c.1910.

Berlinchen de Barlinek pl

The central square, fountain, and church in Berlinchen Nm / Barlinek, c.1930.

berlinchen neumark

Changing rooms set up for swimmers beside the lake in Berlinchen / Barlinek, c.1930.

berlinchen barlinek

A photographic postcard of the lake and town of Berlinchen (Barlinek), c.1939.

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