Betsche / Pszczew

betsche 1900

An early picture postcard of Betsche / Pszczew, c.1899. Pictured: the church, denkmal, market square and post office.

Information on and archive images of the small town of Pszczew (former: Betsche) in Lubuskie, western Poland.

Betsche Pszczew

A photograph of children in Poznan Street in Betsche / Pszczew, c.1909.

betsche pszczew polen

An elevated photographic view of Betsche / Pszczew, c.1928.

One or two things you may not know about Pszczew:
- Prior to 1945 Pszczew was called Betsche and part of Germany.
- The current population of Pszczew is around 1,800.

betsche pszczew poland

A 1930s picture postard featuring four photographs of Betsch / Pszczew.

An interactive map of the Pszczew / Miedzyrzecz area of Lubuskie, western Poland.

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