Beuthen / Bytom Odrzański

Beuthen / Bytom Through Time

Beuthen Bytom Odrzański

An old picture postcard of the Market Square in Beuthen / Bytom Odrzański, c.1905.

Three scans of old images of the town of Bytom Odrzański (former: Beuthen), in Lubuskie, western Poland.

beuthen bytom odrzanski

An old postcard of the bridge over the River Oder / Odra in Beuthen / Bytom Odrzanski, c.1941,

Three things you may not know about Bytom Odrzański:
- the area used to be something of a centre for brown coal mining.
- the German writer Jochen Klepper was born there in 1903.
- the current population of Bytom Odrzański is around 4,300.

bytom odrzanski

Another view of the Market Square (Rynek) area of Bytom Odrzanski, Lubuskie, Poland, c.1961.

- Old images of the larger city of Bytom in Upper Silesia, Poland.
- Information on and archive photographs of nearby Nowa Sól.

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