Beware of the Dog

dog warning signs

Two dog warning signs displayed outside a detached house in western Poland. No dog actually lives at the property.

Wherever you wander in Poland you will come across ‘beware of the dog / dog warning’ signs. Generally they are attached to the fence or gate. Sometimes a dog lives in the house. Sometimes not. And often there is a dog but it is quite different to the dog pictured on the sign. Take my neighbor: he has an aged Dachshund but the sign outside his house depicts a fierce looking Rottweiler. Here are a couple examples of typical dog warning signs we snapped earlier this morning.

dog warning sign poland

A beware of the dog sign proclaiming ‘I have two dogs. One dog is good. One dog is bad.’

beware of the dog

Another beware of the dog sign outside a nearby house. Probably a good deterrent?

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