Bogdaniec / Dühringshof

bogdaniec duhringshof

Three images of pre-war Bogdaniec (former Dühringshof), Lubuskie, Poland.

Bogdaniec de

Three Bogdaniec related nuggets:

  • Bogdaniec is home to the excellent Museum of Culture and Rural Technology (Muzeum Kultury i Techniki Wiejskiej).
  • Düringshofen, the original name for the village derives from and commemorates the Prussian Major General, Alexander von Düringshofen Bernhard, from the period of the Seven Years War (1756–1763).
  • The Polish name, Bogdaniec, comes from the name of the Soviet General Semyon Bogdanov, who commanded the 2nd Army Armoured Guard, which took part in the January 1945 offensive in the Landsberg / Gorzow area.

bogdaniec lubuskie

Bogdaniec is a village in the Lubuskie Voivodeship of western Poland. Its current population is approximately 1200 and is located around 6 kilometres west of the large city of Gorzów.

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