Breakout – The Best Polish Rock Band

Breakout is a Polish rock band, formed in 1968. Here is a film of them performing one of their earliest songs, ‘Poszlabym za toba’ (I would follow you).

That song is great but our favourite song by the band is the laid-back and very bluesy ‘Modlitwa’. Be sure to seek that one out.

Breakout’s band members:
Tadeusz Nalepa – guitar, harmonica, vocals
Mira Kubasinska – vocals
Janusz Zielibski – bass guitar
Krzysztof Dlutowski – keyboards
Jozef Hajdasz – drums

Also: Jozef Skrzek (later of the other great Polish blues rock band – S.B.B)


Breakout – a fantastic blues rock band from Poland. We recommend you buy all their CDs!

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