Brieg / Brzeg

Brieg Brzeg

An old photographic postcard of part of the main square in Brzeg (Brieg), c.1933.

Brzeg (former: Brieg) is a town located between Wroclaw and Opole in Lower Silesia, southwestern Poland.

Brieg Brzeg Opole

An aerial photograph of the town hall, main square, and centre of Brzeg (German: Brieg), c.1934.

Selected facts about Brzeg

- Brzeg Town Hall is considered to be one of the finest Renaissance buildings in Poland. It was built between 1569 and 1577
- The Imperial German Army Air Arm (Luftstreitkräfte) construced an important military aerodrome (Fliegerhorst) in Brieg (see image below).
- Brzeg was named Brieg until 1945 and part of Germany.

brieg fliegerhorst brzeg

A postcard featuring Nazi-era German planes and the town hall in Brzeg (Brieg). Posted to nearby Wroclaw in 1937.

More about Brzeg.

- Brzeg was declared “Festung Brieg” (Fortification Brieg) towards the end of World War Two. As a result around 60% of the town was destroyed in the fighting between the German army and the Red Army. Brzeg was finally captured on the 6th February 1945 by the Soviet army.

- After 1945, as part of the Potsdam Agreement, the German population of Brzeg was expelled to within a now smaller Germany. And the town repopulated by newly arrived Poles who came predominantly from rural parts of central Poland and areas of Poland that had been annexed by the Soviet Union.

- Brzeg is home to one of the largest confectionary companies in Poland. The company produce the well known and popular Matylda branded fudge (krówki) and other sweets such as sesame chałwa, Fructo pastilles and Mini caramel sweets.

Brieg Breslau Brzeg

An old picture postcard featuring Nazi flags flying in Brzeg (former: Brieg) in Lower Silesia, c.1940.

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