Bułka z pieczarkami

bulka pieczarkami poland

Mushroom-filled baguette bread rolls (Bułka z pieczarkami) are a popular fast food dish in Poland. More traditional and certainly healthier than the many other fast foods one can now buy in most Polish cities – Burger places, Turkish kebabs, and the like. The current price of a Bułka z pieczarkami tends to range from around 4 zl to 5 zl and for this one gets a lot of mushroom roll and a filling quick meal.

Bułka z pieczarkami

Bułka z pieczarkami (mushroom and onion filled bread rolls) for sale at a kiosk in Gorzów, Lubuskie, Poland.

Since we don’t live in a city and therefore don’t have easy access to anywhere selling takeaway mushroom rolls we have come up with a recipe. With this you can make your own Polish Mushroom Rolls at home. In our opinion, this recipe produces Bułka z pieczarkami which are as good or better than any mushroom roll we have bought at a fast food kiosk anywhere in Poland. And believe me with have sampled mushroom rolls at many different establishments in many different Polish cities! 8-)

Our recipe for Bułka z pieczarkami

Ingredients for the filling:

500 g fresh mushrooms
1 onion
1 teaspoon dried thyme
grated cheese (optional)

Bread Rolls (long baguette types)

Instructions / Preparation

Wash mushrooms and cut into small cubes or if you prefer slice. Fry mushrooms in a little oil, add salt. When any water from the mushrooms has evaporated, add the onion and fry for until the onion is soft. Season with dried thyme stuffing and pepper. If you wish you can also add some grated cheese, which will add a different taste and also help in binding the ingredients together.

Take a bread roll. Baguette style rolls works best. Cut to size required and if you need to cut the end off. Hollow out the centre and fill with the mushroom stuffing. Put in a pre-heated oven at 200c for 4 or 5 minutes. Ideally they will be warm but not too crunchy. Remove from oven and eat!

If you are in a real rush you can heat the mushroom-filled bread rolls for a minute in a microwave. Most mushroom roll takeaway places in Poland seem to do this. But we prefer to do ours in a traditional oven.


P.S. We recently discovered a similar version of these for sale in Poznan made by combining sauerkraut and mushroom to make the filling – Bułki z kapustą i pieczarkami. We’ll add the recipe for that at a later date and even describe how to make your own Polish bread rolls from scratch. Come back soon for another look.

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