Bunzlau / Bolesławiec

Bolesławiec Bunzlau

A very early lithographic picture postcard of Bunzlau (Bolesławiec), Lower Silesia. Dated 1898.

Information on and photographs of pre-war Bunzlau (Bolesławiec) now located in the province of Lower Silesia (Dolnośląskie) in south-west Poland.

bunzlau bolesławiec

An old photograph of Ober-Strasse in Bunzlau (Bolesławiec), c.1917.

Some things you may not know about Boleslawiec:
- The German naturalist, Carl Ferdinand Appun, was born in Bunzlau / Bolesławiec in 1820.
- Prior to 1945 Bolesławiec was called Bunzlau and part of Germany.
- A branch of the Gross-Rosen concentration camp was located in Bunzlau / Boleslawiec until 1945.
- The Bóbr (Bober / Beaver) River flows through Boleslawiec.

Bunzlau Lower Silesia Bolesławiec

A panorama of the centre of Bunzlau (Bolesławiec), Lower Silesia, c.1929.

- The population of Bunzlau / Bolesławiec in 1939 was just under 22,000.
- The city of Bolesławiec currently has a population of around 40,000.

bunzlau lower silesia boleslawiec

A picture postcard dating back to 1939 of Bunzlau / Boleslawiec, Lower Silesia.

- Bolesławiec has two railway stations and on a line connecting Miłkowice, Węgliniec, Zary and Jasień.
- Bolesławiec has a centuries old tradition of ceramics manufacture. Pottery has been made in the town from at least the 14th century, possibly longer.
- The patron saint of Boleslawiec is Maria De Mattias.

Bunzlau Bolesławiec Schlesien

A photograph of the Rynek (Market) area of Bunzlau / Bolesławiec, Schlesien, c.1939.

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