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Jozef Mehoffer

Three super examples of work by the Polish artist, Jozef Mehoffer.

Jozef Mehoffer polish artist

Józef Mehoffer (1869-1946) was a Polish painter and considered to be one of the leading artists of the Young Poland movement. He is also known for his stained glass, textiles, interior decoration and furniture.

Polish stained glass

Jozef Mehoffer poland

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Jan Matejko

Three rather splendid paintings by the much-loved Polish artist, Jacek Malczewski. Click on any image to enlarge.

Matejko Battle of Grunwald

Jan Matejko’s painting, Battle of Grunwald. Painted in 1878 and currently on display at the Museum of Warsaw.

Jan Matejko (1838–1893) was a Polish painter known for paintings of notable historical Polish political and military events. His works include large oil on canvas paintings such as Astronomer Copernicus, Union of Lublin, the Battle of Grunwald, and murals in St. Mary’s Basilica in Krakow. If you ask any Pole to name their favourite Polish artist most will put Jan Matejko at the top of their list.

Jan Matejko Christianity Poland

The superb painting ‘The bringing of Christianity to Poland’ by Jan Matejko. Painted in 1888 and currently on display in Warsaw.

Jan Matejko Poznan

Jan Matejko’s oil painting ‘The Founding of the Lubranski Academy in Poznan’. Painted in 1886.

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Wladyslaw Bakalowicz

Here we have an example of a painting by the 19th century Polish artist Ladislaus Bakalowicz.

Ladislaus Bakalowicz

Władysław Bakałowicz / Ladislaus Bakalowicz (1833–1903) was a Polish painter who studied at the Warsaw School of Fine Arts from 1849 to 1854. He relocated to France in 1863, settling in Paris, and became a French citizen.

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Juliusz Kossak

Three paintings by the 19th century Polish artist, Juliusz Kossak.

Juliusz Kossak Poland

Juliusz Fortunat Kossak (1824 – 1899) was a Polish historical painter and illustrator who specialised in battle scenes, and military portraits. Horses feature in most of his paintings.

Juliusz Kossak

Juliusz Kossak Polish artist

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Henryk Siemiradzki

the Polish artist henryk Siemiradzki

Detail from the superb ‘Christ and Sinner’ oil painting by the Polish artist Henryk Siemiradzki.

Three rather fine paintings by the Polish artist, Henryk Siemiradzki.

kupala poland

A painting by Henryk Siemiradzki of a Noc Kupały / Kupala Night / St. John’s Eve celebration.

Henryk Siemiradzki (1843 – 1902) was a Polish 19th-century painter probably best known for his scene from antiquity. He also painted pastoral scenes, biblical and historical scenes, landscapes, and portraits.

Henryk Siemiradzki artist

The 1884 painting ‘With comfort and support’ by Henryk Siemiradzki.

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Wladislaw Skoczylas

Wladislaw Skoczylas poland

The woodcut and water colour ‘Lowy’ featuring a Polish hunting scene by Wladislaw Skoczylas.

Wladislaw Skoczylas (1883 – 1934) was a Polish artist probably best known for his water colour paintings and woodcuts. Here are a couple examples of his inter-war period art.


The water color painting ‘A Procession of Bandits. by Wladislaw Skoczylas.

skoczylas wladislaw

A 1919 woodcut and water colour work by Polish artist Wladislaw Skoczylas.

Henryk Gotlib

Here is an example of a painting by the Polish-British artist Henryk Gotlib.

Henryk Gotlib

‘Landscape’ by Henryk Gotlib. Painted in 1934.

Henryk Gotlib (1890 – 1966), was a Polish-born painter who settled in England during World War II. He was a leading member of the Polish avant-garde ‘Formist’ movement in inter-war Poland.

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Tadeusz Ajdukiewicz

Three of our favourite paintings by the Polish artist Tadeusz Ajdukiewicz.

Tadeusz Ajdukiewicz polish art

Tadeusz Ajdukiewicz’s ‘Horsemen in the Desert’.

Tadeusz Ajdukiewicz (1852 – 1916) was a Polish realist painter best known for his battle-scenes, portraits, landscapes and paintings of horses.

Tadeusz Ajdukiewicz poland

‘The camp of the insurgents in the forest’ by Tadeusz Ajdukiewicz from Poland.

Tadeusz Ajdukiewicz Military Exercises

The painting ‘Military Exercises’ by Tadeusz Ajdukiewicz, c.1885.

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